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High-quality materials
Our Lovedolls are made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). This material has been enormously developed in recent years.It is based on rubber, contains no plasticizer, can store body heat superbly, has a higher UV resistance and is more resistant to cleaning agents. Thanks to the high-quality material, the skin of our real lovedolls is very close to human skin. Let yourself be inspired by touching it!

Human mobility
Our lifelike Real sexdolls are equipped with a robust metal skeleton.Thanks to this technologically sophisticated skeleton, your Real Love Doll can take any real human position.
This feature makes your doll incredibly realistic and human.

Exclusive design
Gifted designers and skilful model builders form high-quality, human-like luxury dolls made of noble materials.Choose your favorite Doll from our collection and change freely according to your personal preferences size, eye color, hair color, hair length and / or fingernails. So your Doll becomes a real uniqueness.

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